Can my SAT score compensate for my high school grades?

May 10, 2010 at 4:06 am | Posted in General SAT | Leave a comment

Absolutely.  In fact, most colleges place equal weighting on SAT scores and cumulative high school GPA.  Putting this into perspective, this means that all of the work you have done, and all the classes you have attended throughout your entire high school career aggregate to be as important as this one exam.  Therefore, you should regard this as the most important test you have ever taken, and perhaps will ever take. Don’t stress out too much though, as the recent decision in March of 2009 to reverse course and give students the option of choosing which scores to send to universities (named second choice), means you can retake the SAT with no impact to college admissions. Conserving the precious resources of time and money though should be the goal. By taking the PSAT twice and using our course you should be prepared to do your best on the  math section of the SAT certainly by your second taking if not your first.


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