How much variance is there for SAT scoring between tests?

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The first thing to remember is that the SAT is scored on a curve – that is, you are graded against everyone else taking the same exam. Therefore, unless there are specific things within the exam that you happen to know better than others with comparable ability (ie. you get lucky by studying the correct vocabulary words), there will not be too much variance. That being said, the SAT is all about preparation and practice. The more familiar with the format of the exam and with solving its questions, the better you will do on test day.


Choosing the Right College… By Understanding the Purpose

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A recent survey by the American Council on Education showed almost 90% of young alumni say going to college was worth it, and almost as high a percentage said their undergraduate education had prepared them for jobs they currently posses.  Just as interesting, and a great indicator for the success of our national university system, is 80% of respondents said they would attend the same undergraduate institution if given the chance again. The numbers lead one to conclude that going to college is the most important decision, and determining which college or university to attend is second. More often than not, students will fall in love with their school, whichever college that may be.

One of the other interesting pieces of the survey is the question addressing the purpose of college.  Respondents were relatively split over whether colleges’ purpose is to prepare students for employment, or should the purpose be to teach students how to think critically. When considering college choices at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, consider what is best for you and do your research. For instance, UC Berkeley courses tend to be more theoretical and focus on teaching you how to critically think. Just look at their motto, “Let There Be Light.” Cal Poly San Luis Obispo on the other hand, has a stronger emphasis on vocational skills, not coincidentally the focus can also be seen in their motto of, “To Learn by Doing.”  There is no correct answer or better answer, just make sure it’s the correct fit for your needs. Perhaps start with the motto?

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SAT 2010-11 Test Schedule

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The SAT exam will be offered on the following days for 2010-2011:

Oct. 9, 2010: SAT and Subject Tests
Nov. 6, 2010: SAT and Subject Tests
Dec. 4, 2010: SAT and Subject Tests
Jan. 22, 2011: SAT and Subject Tests
March 12, 2011: SAT Test Only
May 7, 2011: SAT and Subject Tests
June 4, 2011: SAT and Subject

Stephen Colbert: How to Ace the SAT

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What is Stephen Colbert’s advice on how to ace the SAT? Spend a lot of money- perhaps as much as $8400 for private SAT tutoring at Princeton Review, as Colbert says, “Turning children’s fear into cash.” For the rest, watch below:

How to Ace the SAT’s

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